The Gift of Name

The Gift of Name

By Vivencio Jose P. Villaflor, III, MD

Everything happens for a reason. I know that this day will come – April 19, 2018! The day I was appointed as the new Medical Director of this Institution. This is a big shoe to fill in. I know I can never be like my Grandfather more so, I can never be ‘Ama’. However, I was born with this ‘Gift’, the ‘Gift of Name’. As Newton said, ‘If I have seen further it is by standing in the shoulders of Giants.’ And with every one of you, the team behind the ‘work’ (our Teamwork)—will bring this institution to higher levels. We will set benchmarks, not to claim to be the ‘First’ but to serve our patients better.

People who end up ‘First’ do not actually set out to be the First, they set out something they Love. Therefore, we should develop the PASSION, COURAGE, FAITH, and TRUST for us to achieve the goals we desire.

Congratulations to DDVMH and to the Editorial Board of ‘DDVMHerald’ for this milestone. In celebration with the 50th Anniversary of DDVMH with the theme of: ‘Service through Generations’ is to give back to our community, clinical and administrative staff.

Again, let us not forget the man who established this institution. The man whose name we carry: Dr. Vivencio V. Villaflor Sr. (Dr. VVV) and his values towards service, family, integrity, and humanity.

Through these, we continue to serve, teach and share the culture we have developed. Wherein patient satisfaction, experience, and safety is our main concern. By giving the best possible care for a better clinical outcome. Let us learn to love and protect this institution, continue to improve our services, revisit our mission and vision and prepare to serve our future generation.

Thank you for your trust and confidence. My best wishes to all of us! Let us continue to touch other’s lives…and be proud to be part of the Villaflor Family.

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