By Zenaides T. Wi, MD

The VILLAFLOR hospital legacy of service started in 1946. The young Dr. VIVENCIO VILLAROSA VILLAFLOR, SR (VVV, Sr.) with his wife, Mrs. Pilar Villaseñor Villaflor (Pharmacist) from the Province of Quezon decided to establish a practice in Dagupan.  There are many anecdotes or reasons for his desire to start the Villaflor clinic in AB Fernandez near the market. The young Villaflor family used the third floor as their home. The Villaflor legacy of service thus began.

In a stroke of bad luck, the clinic burned down in 1968. With some hesitation, Dr. VVV, Sr. transferred his practice on March 2, 1968, to the Villaflor Hospital in Arellano St. He served as the first Medical Director.

In 1979, Vivencio Villaseñor Villaflor, Jr. (VVV, Jr.) and Dra. Gregoria Poblete Villaflor entered the scene after their residency in PGH.

On Sept 27, 1981, the new modern VILLAFLOR HOSPITAL located in Mayombo District was inaugurated. The Villaflor health service was shaken with the untimely passing of Dr. VVV, Sr. Thus, the new hospital was renamed DAGUPAN DOCTORS VILLAFLOR MEMORIAL HOSPITAL (DDVMH) to honor the dedication and service of Dr. VVV, Sr. to the province of Pangasinan and his adopted city Dagupan. The Directorship of the new DDVMH was transferred to Dr. VVV, Jr.

A lot of events (earthquake, floods, celebrations, and the coming of Dr. Vivencio Jose Poblete Villaflor, III) came about during the 37 years of directorship of Dr. VVV, Jr.

New buildings, a new laboratory and diagnostics facilities, new doctors, a brand new ultra modern OR…completed the new image of the DDVMH.

On April 19, 2018, the DDVMH had a new Medical Director; DR VIVENCIO JOSE POBLETE VILLAFLOR, III (VJPV, III). Thus, the torch of leadership was passed on the second time.

The VILLAFLOR (VVV) brand of service lives on in name, tradition, dedication, sacrifices…


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